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finntroll Translations!!

Finntroll - Slaget vid Blodsälv
Slaget vid Blodsälv

The battle at the river of blood

now the forest moves itself
a thousand trolls are crossing a river
not a sound not a whisper to hear
even warboars over the river go

soon they will struggle the axe are raised to the sky
panic and fear now see christians bend

On the troll-lords snout a grin appears
he rises his axe he whips his boar
faces turns to rage others turns to fear
when troll army rides in a storm of blood and filth

so fall man after man
so buzzes a wind of blood and limb
But less of the trolls who protects his home

As a miracle they meet
King of Jehova people who pray
and the axe of the troll-lords sinks
and of a mighty blow the King cuts in two


Finntroll - Jaktens Tid
Jaktens Tid

A hunting time
...the landscape is quiet, a starry night
...a fire in the distant glance, for they come closer

The Trollking rides along
with the wolfbrother on hunt
All the living flee, foe and friend
the lonely region shall drown in blood

from the darkness into his hall
he´s going out, to satisfy the thirst
they hurry out on crooked bones
several lifes to take, hundreds of bones to break

the company of the troll-lords pulls out
through dark forests and frozen mountains
they kill all what they see and find all that is hidden
and soon their holy rock is decorated with skulls

so the region remains gloomy and dark
the sun rises, but no life to see
the underworld celebrates a successful hunt
then the silence will rule for centuries again...

(damn you hooman you intrude our lands
soon the trolls will carry you to the rock...)


Finntroll- Aldhissla :


The moon shines over the nordic lands, the forest lies in its darkened glory
Aldhissla wander over montain and plain
For ever he`s waching this silent and nightly region
He sits into his cave and guard his golden treasure
His home of darkness and ice
This subbteranean land, the kingdom of eternal night

Master Aldhissla, the troll that hears everything
Master Aldhissla, evilness that never dies

No man has never been here, no hooman children are born here
Emptines and silence rule
No trail, no sign of the bearer of the cross
Aldhissla dont close his eyes, he never sleeps
Noone comes here with lies it their mouth
Beutifull and mighty is the land of the north without jehova

Master Aldhissla, the troll that hears everything
Master Aldhissla, evilness that never dies

Lonlyness, a sign of power
to see everything, a sign of power
Eternal life, a sign of power


Finntroll - Blodnatt :


I sharpen my sword, oil my breastplate
I braid my beard and tar my face
The sun sets and the sky turns crimson
Blood shall be drunk, blood we shall drink tonight
Nightwolf i will ride to the gate of the church people
There I will draw my blade, strike down every man
The moon lights up my dark realm
And blood shall be drunk, blood we shall drink tonight
The sword tears a throat
Nightwolf bites off a head
Blood flows like a cataract
Priestkiller by my side Nightwolf I shall ride
And blood we shall drink tonight


Finntroll - Svartberg

Black Mount

Further to the North we withdrow
With purpose to find our promissed land
Black Mount
Our infernal Kingdom
Where foot of none hooman stepped

Deeper underground to get immortal,
We're growing strong till those last days
We step out to upper world to take all
To bring back all that we used to have
When sky grows black, when sky is red
We will arise from where again
We are to come from our Black Mount

So follow me to get the throne
And power of the King of Trolls
Walk with your bloody sword in hands
No more untrue believe for our lands
No peace will find here any christian

Here's he, who's mounted his throne
Here rules he by the fire and the sword.


Finntroll - Segersång:

Song Of Victory

The sun sets between mountain and ice
From the ground a strange mist is rising
Beasts arise - forth they come
For christ's lambs it is time to flee
The wind augments - to a powerful storm it swells
Like a hurricane it sweeps onward
It's time for christ's lambs to run

This day they will remember
By council nocturnal they will be judged
A mighty song from the trollish camp is heard
Hymns they sing; victory to the damned

Blood flows, the blade shines wetly
Of the sword dealing Jesus' death stroke
Blood is dripping - snow colored crimson

Tonight we celebrate
Tonight we sing
Our victory song


Finntroll - Kitteldags

An Hour Around the Cauldron

Humans without parties
The old man maim
Ancient anger and sourcery
Witchery was the party's bane

And so they now will be fried
Just the way they once fried us
Salted they are, boiled they are
Their flesh we strip from the bones

Mealtime now draws to a close
Full and satisfied is many a troll
Goblins now meat are ripping
Rivfader climbs forth

Full of hate
Priest becomes chow
He is put on a plate


Finntroll - Vätteanda:


With shrieks and howls like the crows of a thousand ravens
We tear out from rock and hollow
Claws sharp as swords, muzzles like the wolf
Spirits come forth - taste our fire

We drink your blood - our life's juice
So much in millennia went unspent
Blood and bodies rim the borders of the North
We are here! We are here! GOBLINSPIRIT!

Eyes glinting among shadows, beak and talon
Flesh shall be torn for pagan beliefs
Eyes glinting among shadows, beak and talon
Flesh shall be torn for pagan beliefs

Unborn child and bearing woman
They taste the best in the dim night
Unborn child and bearing woman
They taste the best in the dim night


have fun with these ))

Join the hordes!!
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