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Originally Posted by Transient
im downloading them live now. i wonder if the rest of the band is as friendly as you are? youre certainly getting the word out about your music. you might want to sing up for a forum at also, its free and good popularity

My fellow band members are great! The other guitarist, Mange, been my friend for over 10 years and we always have a blast drinking, hanging around or what ever we do. Hes great! Cloffe, the bassist, we did go to the same kindergarden when we here like 2-3. Hes one crazy mutherfokker!
Erik and Kjelle share the same vision about the band as I do so its really easy to work with them. They really like what we do and they give 110% all the time! Im glad Im in this band. Hope You guys gonna like what we do in the future... We aint gonna follow any trends or give into what ever the record company wants us to do if they ever want us to change.
Ill check the out
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