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I don't know what you guys are all talking about. A person doesn't have to know ANY theory to be able to use powertab properly.

Unless you count understanding note durations tempos and time sigs as theory, but I've never heard someone call that theory. Anyway it's still pretty easy to learn the timing aspects of the program, even in funny time signatures. It always displays how many notes you need to add (or delete) from the bar you're working on to get it to be perfect.

I also found that in most powertabs I have seen there is at least one error somewhere if you look for it. This of course makes it waaaaay better than regular tabs that on average seem to contain more errors.

Perhaps one of the coolest features of the program is the 'import function'. If you have (or find on the net) a midi file that you would like to learn, you can import it into powertab and it is all automatically tabbed out for you. All you do is click 'file' then 'import' then 'midi' and you select the midi you want. I've heard the coolest Holy Wars (there were mistakes of course, but it sounded awesome!) midi a couple of years ago and was amazed that it w could be so easily converted to powertab.

The ability to slow down songs with the tempo marker makes this program my favorite way to learn a song (other than by having someone else personally teach me it that is).
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