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Originally Posted by $teezinForNoReason
listen to there fuckin shit and tell me its emo mother fucker

Its spelled thier, not there. That is emo like you, you whiney shit.

Originally Posted by Amadeus
Here comes the newbie whimpering - what is emo?

Emo's usually some guy whining about some pussy ass shit, thier band members dress like fags in girl's pants that are tight ass hell, they wear eyeliner and they usually have hair that reaches thier eyes and it covers the eyes on pupose. Like i said before, the singer whines and screams about shit that he cant deal with in life such as girlfriends breaking up with him (im surprized they even have girlfiends), nobody understanding him or liking him, and some gay ass bands sing about cutting thier wrists. The music is mainstreem punk-ish shit and sounds kinda happy, using alot of octave chords going all up and down the fretboard back and forth.

This is what gay ass bands that are emo look like, this is Atreyu:
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