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One thing I once thought of was having some high tech system where each musician, rather than having an amp, has earplugs in their ears that block out all external sound and also play the music in tiny speakers. Each musician would have the option to EQ their own headphones exactly how they wanted them, so that they could hear the rest of the band perfectly and with all the right proportions of volume. Obviously then there would be no problem for the musicians in terms of hearing themselves, and there would be no need for amps or monitors! Well there would but only to produce the sound, not so that the musicians could hear themselves. That would eliminate the up front sound problems alot too ...
Some people say to think outside the box.
I say do away with it. You can always stand in its former location if you need to make use of the perspective it gave you, but will benefit from the ability to situate yourself in different loci with ease.
Destroy the box.
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