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Originally Posted by Subsonic6string
lol...maybe that's why!! If you could actually hear every nuance of your favourite band live, you might not like them very much anymore!!!
I somehow doubt that ...

Originally Posted by Subsonic6string
Most soundmen that I've worked with have asked for a low stage volume, and sidewash the amps.
What does sidewash mean?

Originally Posted by Subsonic6string
When we toured with Cannibal Corpse, the soundman told me on the first night how he mixes Alex's bass: Alex plays with a lower stage volume and the eq set for all mids ( _/\_ no lows or highs). It sounds like shit on stage, but he can hear it perfectly. The soundman then fixes his sound at the board, adding tons of bottom and top, and dropping out the mids a little, and his sound KILLS out front. Granted, though, they use the same soundman for all their tours, so it's much easier. I've used this method myself when I was confident the soundman knew what he's doing, and it is amazing!

You toured with Corpse?
When I jam with my band, if I try EQing for all mids, I can't hear myself very well at all, so I have to crank myself which doesn't give a good overall mix. I guess if you get used to listening to yourself that way it is worth it because of the improved out front sound.
I guess part of my earlier complaint about loudness comes from the fact that I've been to mostly small shows with horrible sound systems so the bands relied alot on their amps. I have heard some ridiculously horribly mixed shows given the available equipment though. A Gene Hoglan (damn, how do you spell his name?) concert comes to mind. Oh yeah, and Strapping Young Lad was playing in the background too ... I almost forgot about that part.
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