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Originally Posted by Soulinsane
What do you mean you where going to play it but got cut off?

well its actually knid of a funny story, which enrages me everytime I think about it . It was a american Idol copy cat that was the only thing close to a talent show the whole schoole year that me and my two buddys could perform at. So we practicied in school and at our bassists house every friday for four weeks to perform Thislove/Domination (and by the way, did I mention I had to sing or we couldnt play?)
Anyway we got thru this love with my vocals not sounding too bad over the verse lines of this love my buddy matt was playing, and I did get to play tthose two mini solos and the heavy part after the chorus which got some aws from the crowd! and thats were we switched to the pre solo riff in Domination, where we were going right to the end, me playing the main solo, matt playing the second solo and then we were just gunna go nuts for the finali.
Thats were that bitch Moran comes in. This was' (Breaker) Idol. There had to be drama of some sort. when kids sounded bad they smashed symbols for theyr pitiful ill prepared performances to shut there ass up. Then theyd make fun of them. There were plenty of these. But few people with talent or Instruments. We had more talent then any of these kids by far. But we did not get even three minutes to show it! Even the christian dude playing guitar with his effects proccesor and singing his gay song that he made up got his full four minutes. Fuck that pisses me off!

The worst part was they didnt even kick uss off for sounding bad, they claimed there was not enuf time for two extra minutes. But there was plenty of fucking time. I HOPE YOUR SOUL BURNS IN HELL BITCH!

thank you for letting me share my pain.

...and the punk died in satans reign...
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