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Here it is. I took one song which I thought you wanted, I couldn't remember which you asked for......

First of all, RivFader is apparently a legendary troll-king, who shall once again come to rid the northern world of the Christian plague. All the songs connected tells a story, which I am not yet sure how goes. I haven’t studied these lyrics until now(Thanx for asking me to do it!). Anyway, as you have realized, all the songs are based on northern mythology. This mythology consists of a lot of trolls and goblins and such, very typical for Norway, Sweden and Finland. I would very much like to study this a little closer…..Also, don’t think of the word «mountain» as something huge, like the Alps or something, it is the only word I could find. It is supposed to describe the small mountains typical of Scandinavia, which are rarely more than 2000 meters of height. Usually they are about 1000 meters, I guess.
Well, here are the translations of some of the songs, not all correct, maybe, but I hope you understand them. I had to rewrite a lot, because I couldn’t find the English word, or because I didn’t manage to translate properly from Swedish to Norwegian. I think all of it gives sense, though.

The Saga of Birth (Födosagan)

The ladder leads higher up
to the snow-white peak of the black mountain
A noble sight may now be expected
Strength of ancient times and true honor

I baptize my anger
In the brook of truth
From the mountain it flows
This pitch-black brook

From the mountain a statue
of power now rises
In the northern night
thousand eyes shine

The mountain shall(?) fill me with power
This God all trolls hail

This earth, this force
that now has shown itself
This power that is promised
Is not denied
A spear I shall forge and sharpen
The crown of the Trolls shall decorate/adorn(not sure which word) my vertex
Rivfaders strive, it must be hard
The day shall come when I am king

King of the trolls…..

The time of the Hunt (Jaktens Tid)

(…..The village is quiet, a starlit night
A fire dimly seen in the distance, they are closing in…..)

Forth rides the King of Trolls
with wolf-brothers out to hunt
All living flees, foe(?) and friend
Blood shall drown this lonely tract

Of the darkness in his eternal hall
he comes out, to quench a thirst
Here they hurry on on crooked legs,
More lives to take, hundred bones to break

The Troll-lords company rides forth
through somber woods and frozen mountain
They kill what they see and finds all hidden
Heads soon decorate their holy halls

Then the tract is gloomy and dark
the sun rises, no life to behold
Under the earth a successful hunt is celebrated,
and then again silence dominates

(be aware, human, who violates this place
soon the Trolls carry you to their halls)

War Mead (Krigsmjöd)

The blood once again wash
the moss and the cold mountains of the woods

Come everyone, hear my song
We take your lives one more time

Behold the fire of the ancient times, behold its splendor
Come together and dance the (….)s beat
Come empty your mug(?) with the honor of the troll-warrior
The old chief now leads this drinking bout

Saw-toothed spear and knife so sharp
The Christian shall fall, we take his scalp
Taken care of by the ancient memories’ web
(…………….)(something about drinking)

So wake the spirit, new lust(?) all get
With spear and knife we walk the warpath
Empty tour mugs before the enemy’s death
The intoxication of war is awoken with sweet mead

By moonlight we take them
So we clean our woods
Until there are no Christians left
Until there are no Christians left
"Fear your thoughts and let the Father judge them, walk the Shining Path and guide the weakling along"
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