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Well, I just got back from the gig. It was amazing, I mainly went for Detonation and Decapitated, Gorerotted and especially Dam aren't my thing.

Dam was fucking shit. Aside from the awful music, the vocalist had absolutely zero stage presence, and the guitars were extremely muddy to the point of just being random noise.

Detonation!! Wow, these guys were amazing. Awesome awesomeness. Haha enough said.

I missed a lot of the Gorerotted since I was chatting to the Detonation guys. First off I met Koen (vocals/guitar), who was a real nice chap. Other than the whole he said a lot of his influences are the Swedish medolic death bands. (ie. At the Gates). He then said they're planning to tour (with Gore as support) the UK in February/March to make up for the five gigs they missed on this tour.

I then had a chat with Thomass (drummer) who said that this was the first time the band had met their label manager! Haha, I then asked him about his opinion on triggered drums, and he mentioned that he disliked them, but the label forced them to use a studio which only allowed for triggered drums. He said that he originally wanted a pure acoustic drum tone. After that, he said he was also influenced by the Swedish melodic death bands, but that he was into everything, from Depeche Mode to Morbid Angel, and that he especially liked "rhythmic" bands. He then offered to have the band sign the album I just bought (An Epic Defiance), so then whilst everyone signed it I got to meet the rest of the band, again, really nice guys.

Oh and to the Dutchies, they're from Utrecht!

Decapitated was also pretty good, but I prefered Detonation.
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