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2 hours on electric guitar

warmup for 20 minutes.
cover a death song of choice - work on nailing the rhythm of the desired song
fool around for about 30 minutes, just rockin out gettin my groove
play scales in clean and work on technique

1 Hour on classical

play, and use good technique
work through 5-10 pages in my workbook for my class

30 minutes reading literature

reading a few books or magazines or website clips on guitars, amps, and getting great sounds, playing styles, appreciation, etc...

i've only been playing for a year and a half now, and i'm doing excellent. everyone that i play with i can keep up with if not surpass. I think that my desire sets me apart from a lot of other people around here. I might not understand song writing structure or anything yet, but I can definately cover anything i set my mind to. In about 6 more months I am going to work more on implementation of scales and mode structures and try to tab or create music.
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