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First song i've submitted at metal tabs.

This is the first time i've posted here on these forums. i used to post me songs at but since there is only a few people who except the style i could never get a fair critic....hopfully i'll get one off you guys.

this isn't my greatest work, but i'll just submit something a little average for now just to see the response i get on my writing style, just incase i get a extremely negative response on something is my greatest peice...wouldn't be a good confidence boost of self esteem replenishment would it now?

when reading this song, think progressive and diverse (ie, Opeth), and symphonic, ambient, and rather gothic and mystickall (ie, Cradle of Filth / Bal-Sagoth).


-Sepulchral Silhouette

The dawn of a ghost like November
Mist strickens with a hasteful clench
The essence of a madrigal weeps
Final blossom has fallen and ceased
A sudden sobriety conjures all pain
Manifestation of all that is grimoire

Trapped inside this dark parlour
Set in stone by the eyes of the profain
Held within the gaspes of the ivy
Forever subjective to the tightning leash

Eerie circles, the moon turned its cheek
Whisper the upon the sepulchral mountain
Fearing the return, everything is loathed
Through cracks in the wall the lamens fathom

Questioning credence and deserted again
Turn and face the mob, shant not

Immortal dissarray, no choice of epitaph
Written in dust, the storm erodes the cuniform
The cold season loiters over the land
Snow falls and the undergrowth dies
Digging down deep, to recover hope
Then huddle into corners for warmth

Beckoning the lives they force the mould
Sharpening the pinacle, thrusting through the mirror
Draped with a foreign fate feeling was of far
The owl returns to the sky, lament for the weak
A hidden cause emerges from the tapesty
Envious of the soul of the raven

A morbid dogma leads the blind
Watching from afar, soaring high
Leppers marching on their own grave
Affinity in semblance, immortality in bliss
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