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Originally Posted by walpurgis
1. Hello, my name is Bob. I'm from the U.S. and I don't have a vagina. Cheers all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2. I LIKE METAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 I REALLY REALLY LIKE METAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 FUCK SLIPKNOT AND BIZKIT, FUCK NU METAL AND POSERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

3. (hey, where the fuck is number 3?)

4. Fuck you, I'm not being defensive. You are. Nuh uh, you are. You're a fag, but if you say something back I'm gonna try to have you banned!


I only posted this because I love you Power Soft. By the way, I made sure there were 17 exclamation points and two 1's following it, because I know how much you like that.

ur speling is to good in ur parodee
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