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so i ask why so much dickery

what i mean by this is why the closing of certain threads that dont break any of the rules posted in the rules thread. this is just for example btw, im sure much more dickery has been had by many but why was my "its wednesday : what are you wearing" thread...that interfered with no rules at all. 1. It was not spam, it was a genuine conversational topic 2. It did not personally abuse anyone at all! matter of fact someone attempted to personally abuse me for no reason

what im saying here is that, there was no need for my thread to be closed, it didnt break any rules at all here and i believe it to be general dickery to close my thread on the sole fact that it wasn't about tits, band shirts, or guitars...notice this is the fucking chit chat page goddamnit! CHIT CHAT! my thread was chit chat, "so what are you wearing" all though sounds a little perv-ish when taken incorrectly, is fucking chitchat

all i really wanna know is why was my thread closed?
Edit: one more thing this is what it says right under the words "chit chat" on the main forum page:
"This is THE ONLY forum where you can go to talk about everything and anything."
well....i guess that about sums it up
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