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Originally Posted by Rattlehead
Why the hell do they play metal show so damned loud. At the levels they play it, the sound of the band is compromised. It would sound clearer and better if it wasn't so loud.

lol...maybe that's why!! If you could actually hear every nuance of your favourite band live, you might not like them very much anymore!!!

From personal experience, though, I find it usually has to do with stage volume. If the band has their amps cranked (as is usually the case) the soundman has to pump the levels even higher so the crowd is hearing the mixed sound instead of the stage sound. Most soundmen that I've worked with have asked for a low stage volume, and sidewash the amps. I've seen other bands' shows where the guitar is so loud on stage that the soundman has taken them right out of the mix!

When we toured with Cannibal Corpse, the soundman told me on the first night how he mixes Alex's bass: Alex plays with a lower stage volume and the eq set for all mids ( _/\_ no lows or highs). It sounds like shit on stage, but he can hear it perfectly. The soundman then fixes his sound at the board, adding tons of bottom and top, and dropping out the mids a little, and his sound KILLS out front. Granted, though, they use the same soundman for all their tours, so it's much easier. I've used this method myself when I was confident the soundman knew what he's doing, and it is amazing!


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