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Originally Posted by Subsonic6string
Afterall, if you just go to shows to listen to the music, stay at home and put on the CD, it'll ALWAYS sound better. We go to shows to be entertained.

That's actually a good point. But I actually do go to shows mainly to listen to the music. That is, most show I go to are of bands I don't know, so I'm kind of there to discover new bands, without downloading or buying anything. I figure if I like how it sounds live, then I'll surely like the record, so if I'm adequately impressed, I buy an album.
But many (probably most) people do go to a concert just to have fun and headbang and mosh since well, if you're not a musician, it can be pretty hard to tell what's going on (musically) at a metal concert since everything is so damned loud and usually not mixed very well (especially at smaller concerts).

Actually that's something I've been meaning to bring up. Why the hell do they play metal show so damned loud. At the levels they play it, the sound of the band is compromised. It would sound clearer and better if it wasn't so loud. I just don't understand it. When you go see a jazz band or a symphony, you can tell pretty much exactly what their album will sound like because their live sound is very good and thus similar to their recorded sound. But when you see a metal band you can only guess what they sound like in the studio, since they are almost never reproducing the sound they get while recording. Of course there are some exceptions, but it seems to me that metal concerts could be better if they were done differently ...

Oh yes and back to the point, ... well I guess if you consider the type of concert I envision then you can see why I don't see as much of a need for moves onstage: a better overall sound would allow more people to go just to listen to the music, they wouldn't have to mosh or headbang to be entertained (though they could) they could just sit back and listen and absorb, dude.

I wonder if I'm going to be criticized for this post ...
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