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As cheesy as it sounds, it's something my guitarist and I plan out, not that we actually practice head-banging in unison in rehearsals or anything. lol. We find that during certain parts of songs, we will both not headbang, or will do so at a certain tempo, then at certain key parts in the songs, we'll both kick in at the same time. It makes for a more pro and more intense live show. Chris (Father Death) caught our show in Ottawa a few weeks ago, so he can attest to how it all comes together.

A lot of the time, people will comment on how the show seemed more "pro" than some of the other bands on the same night, and the only difference, really, is our cohesiveness onstage. It gets the crowd headbanging and drives the energy level up. Afterall, if you just go to shows to listen to the music, stay at home and put on the CD, it'll ALWAYS sound better. We go to shows to be entertained.


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