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Yeah I got a move: Play.

Actually I really don't do much but play onstage. I don't think there's anything wrong with doing things onstage, but it's not really my style. Plus I find that it hinders my concentration and makes me slightly less tight for playing. Plus I keep my bass rather high so it's a little difficult to do some of the abovementioned moves. I think the Megadeth style that Subsonic described is awesome (the legs far apart) especially his addition of playing the bass vertically, but I don't do it myself really.
I guess I'm just not a good enough musician to be able to do that stuff comfortably while playing, and the other reason is that is just don't feel like I want to. I guess it all depends on the music style too. In one of my bands (well more like ex-bands ...) I did some of that stuff, but only when I felt compelled to do it-ie headbanged only on riffs that I really liked instead of on all fast/thrashy riffs.
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