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Originally Posted by active corpse fucker
harmonic minor scale looks good to me!!!!

Schizoid - i think the aeolian is the natural minor scale out of those mentioned.
I think the phrygian scale sounds too much like flamenco music to be a scale suitable for medieval music.

Yea if you start at the 6th note of a major scale you get a minor scale which is the Aeolian in the major scale and the Ionian mode for the minor scale (first mode for the minor scale). So basically and obviously the Aeolian mode isn't the same for the major and minor because of the positioning differences. For example as mentioned already the G major scale Ionian mode is G A B C D E F# and if you take the 6th note in that mode you get E F# G A B C D which is the E minor scale Ionian mode.
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