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The worst metal vocalists of all time....

Here is my all time most hated bands (due to lack of vocal quality) list:
I will not include "Brutal" death metal or black metal because i.m.o its all crap. Don't include shit that nobody's even heard of cause most of that is shit on a stick too.

Fear Factory
AT THE GATES (WORST VOCALIST EVER!!!!! love the music though)
Children Of Bodom - New album and single only
Death (I know, I know.... Chuck is an amazing guitarist and musician though)
Internecine (im sure youll never hear of these guys ever again)
In Flames........ yea his whispering and talking in songs really annoys me
Dream Theater - HAHAHAH what a joke
Nightrage (vocalist from At the gates... sux sux sux)

theres many more but im getting too tired to type

On the other hand, i find that these bands vocals are amazing!
Morbid Angel, Behemoth (older), Children of Bodom (older), Hate Eternal, Wintersun, Deathfare, bloodbath, carcass, down, hatesphere, Meshuggah (newer), NILE, Opeth..... and more....
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