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Lets see, where to start off. First I wanted to do somthing in computers and technology, ill start my story there.

At first it was allabout games and what not, I wanted to be a programer, went out bought a C++ package, wasn't really my thing. After that I tought myself how to make 3d maps for some games (mostly half life engine, counter strike) and made a couple maps and lost intrest. I then started editing and adding on to 3d models in games, and then pursued making my own, but my artistic (drwawing orientated) abilities arnt that great, so I sucked at that. During that whole time I was building and repairing computers for people and some businesses, so I took a course on A+ Certification, but I already knew everything in that, never took the time to get certified yet. My Sophmore and Juinor years of highschool I took a 2 year full Cisco (computer networking), havnt taken the time to study more and get my CCNA yet. Senior year was mostly guitar/music orientated.

After I graduated high school (4 months ago) I got an internship for the Eagle County Government IT Department in Vail Valley. I lived up here for the last 3 months, and this is my last day for the internship, then I move back down to longmont. Ive learned a lot about life, and people living up here and decided after spending my whole life working with computers that I probably won't pursue that as a career. But while I was up here they sent me to Lefthand Networks and I got iSCSI SAN (Storage Area Network Protocol) certified, cool I guess, looks good on resume.

While living up here I have been looking into many options regarding the future of my life, and decided that computers, for now, "aint my thang". I have decided to pursue some kind of education that will further my knowledge and respect for music. I never thought I would be so into music my whole life, I played piano for about 9 years (got really good, now after never playing I suck ass) during that i played trumpet in school band for 5 years, and have been playing guitar for about 2-3 years. I plan on doing some sort of Sound Engineering and Production/Recording (Latley i have really been enjoying doing recordings of my own, utilizing all sorts of different techniques) I don't know where im gonna it, but this thread is helping out (full sail is an option, and berklee or wherever truth devoid is going sounds way to $$$$) I also am interested in doing electronic engineering, for education towards building amps, pickups, and other things. One other thing I want to learn to widen my musical abilities is lutherie. A school in pheonix, only a state away, sounds promising . A 5 month vocational program that offers a lutherie certification at the end. They also offer a basic woodworking shop, and an amp building class there I would take if I went.

Yesterday I talked with a lady who went to the navy and studied electronics. She said the navy has one of the best schools for electronics, and offers great on field work. I was very interested in that possibiltiy, I dunno if the navy would be my thing though, I wanna talk to more people. (Soulinsane ) It seems to good too be true, get paid a bonus to join the navy, take free schooling from some of the best electronics courses out there, get promoted to E-5 after schooling and automaticly be above all the other peons and get paid more, serve for 4 years and get some good experiance. Then once out of the navy you get a GI bill which pays for 3 or 4 years of college (somthing like that) so pursing a Production course like Truth Devoids would actually be possible for me. Seems like a very very promising alternative, but who knows, ive only just started my life after high school.

All in all I have so many options in life right now, I dont know where to begin... Plus theres always the big final dream, being in a band that makes it. All that stuff above is just my backup plan if that never happens
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