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Don't have the pics of it all, but here it is:

Ibanez SR 406 6-string bass, (black) there's a pic of me with it on my profile
Ampeg SVT Classic head
Ampeg 4x10 deep cab w/tweeter
(ancient) Ibanez foot pedal with Tube Screamer, Compressor, Chorus.

I'm looking into the Roland 400W cube 4x10 combo with a Roland 1x15 cab. It comes out in a month or so, and the guy from our label works for Roland/Boss. He can get it for me at cost, so...I used to have a Roland 100W Cube amp and LOVED the tones, but it lacked any balls/power. If the sound is the same, I'll be going for that rig in a heart beat. Having too many problems with the Ampeg lately...grrrrr


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