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Originally Posted by The Execrator
Hmm, that's actually what im thinking about going for. How was it?

It wasn't bad. It's alot of programming! C, C++, some Java. Different schools have different emphasis for their computer science degree. We focused alot on Object Oriented application software development. Ever had any programming experience? Cause it's all about whether you enjoy doing it or not.

Originally Posted by cw4119
im in my sophomore year of high school right now, in a magnet program for digital design (PageMaker, Photoshop, Maya) when I graduate I plan to go to a private college called full-sail which is very costly but im trying to get good grades for a scholarship. I will be going there for 3d modeling/animation (Maya).

Great school! Took a tour of full-sail in Orlando when I was on spring break out there. Their movie editing was kick ass. Game programming was fuckin unreal. Also, they one of two of these types of recording studios in the world. Ha, the chairs we sat in while they spoke about the studio cost $1000. That's the closest 'my ass' will come to $1000.
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