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my somewhat undefined plan is as followes

go to college for music at either a school in north dakota or in washington (probably the on in washington)
major in music though not sure what specificly
minor in norwegian and scandinavian studys
the one in washington has about the same music program as the one in NK but their scandinavian study is one of the oldest and prestige. go study abroad after I get a good grasp of norwegian and feel that I could manage there. graduate from that shat
then try and get into the olso school of music to further my knowledge and to get over into norway as my way in then hopefully be able to get citizenship there and live in the norwegian country side outside of trondheim possably.

big plans I know, one step at a time we'll see how they plan out. even if they dont plan out like that and chances are they wont I really really want to end up in norway one way or another and live there for the end of my days
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