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The Metaltabs College thread

since im on such a roll with making threads, i thought id give this one a try. i think this could be a pretty long term thread. as far as i know we have quite a few seniors in high school (myself being one) who are starting to think about college. id like ot hear everyones plans and what theyre interested in...and if youre already in college talk about what youre taking and how youre doing. if youre not in college.... well, explain why and what job youre working now

as for myself, im intending to commute for two years to a community college to take the basic required courses and get them out of the way. the college offers some pretty cool classes too, like music business, music on the computer, and german. its about 25 minutes away from here and i will have my own car by then. after two years (but it can be done after one) i plan on transferring to SUNY Albany where ill finish out my 4 year degree (probably a history major) and study abroad most for a semester at univeristy at kÝbenhavn (copenhagen).

whyd i develop this plan? my familys not made of money, and comm colleges are about 2 grand a year compared to a suny school or god forbid a private school, which can easily go from 10-20 grand. i dont have a real desire for the college social scene (id like to NOT be an alcoholic...). the execrator is a year below me,so if everything continues to work between us we could have an extra year to jam and write.

well thats my long winded story about my plans, lets hear yours
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