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modes are pretty easy. the way i look at them is their bassically scales based off degrees of the original scale that obey the key sig the same.
there are 7 modes
ionian/tonic(bassically the scale on the original octave,sometimes in 1 octave higher. a pattern for this is tonic,step,semi,step,step,step,semi,tonic
aeolian/natural minor(tonic,semi,step,step,semi,step,semi,tonic
ok, there are 3 types of modes. maj. min. or theoretical.
for the major we have; ionian,dorian, and locrian.
for the minor we have;phrygian,lydian,mixolydian,and aeolian
for the theoretical we have; locrian.
the locrian is a outcast, cuz u really dont hear it in music that much. but i've heard some jazz musicans play it.

hope this helps somone out
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