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Guys, he didnt prove that he could play at 250 to me. He proved he can play fast, i applaud you for that, cause many people on this forum are full of shit. And i am not trying to sound like one of those gay kids on here, but i can definately play as fast as he was playing, but i can't get that high on the metronome still. There is no real way that he is going to prove it to me unless i meet him in person, or if he like makes a video, and shows the metronome, puts it down, then plays along with it. But i know he wont do that, cause that would be stupid and a waste of time, and i know i wouldnt.

Second, maybe alot of teachers are full of shit, (i have seen many myself), but mine on the other hand, isnt. He went to Berklee, opened for steve vai, is good friends with mike keneally, and MIGHT be starting a frank zappa tribute type thing with papa roach's drummer who was his roommate at berklee. He was the shit in pittsburgh, and hes noted for being one of the only players who always never plays stuff thats practiced like everyone else does, almost everything he does comes from (trying not to sound like a flake) heart. He probably has better views of music than anybody on the planet and im glad i have him as a teacher cause now all the ways he looks at music he is transfering to me. I seriously dont think theres a better teacher in the world.

You would all know his name if he chose to go west to California, but he got married, and wanted to start a family instead.
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