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Hey, i listened to that thing, it finally worked, but i seriously dont think that you are playing ay runs, in 16ths at 250. That was the whole point it had to be a run and alternate picked. I never said, at least im pretty sure, i didnt say somebody cant tremolo pick at those speeds or legato at those speeds. I didn't hear you do any runs that were at 250, and i am still sceptical its 250. I have reached legato 16ths at 250 just fine, and all those super fast guys that i listen to, and ur recording, i can play just as fast as the recording, but when i get a metronome down, i can never hardly get it over 220.

Well actually, i have something to say which was pretty funny. With all this speed stuff, i tryed doing all the speeds you guys said, and i actually got that chromatic run going at about 230. But i still dont believe guys hit speeds like 260 - 300 like its nothing and everyday. I even asked my teacher, and he didn't believe it, and trust me, hes heard everybody play.
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