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Originally Posted by MetalThrashingMad
Yeah John, I breathe correctly.... I'm just gonna stay away from that exercise. Maybe I'm just fucked in the head (I've heard many people tell me this before).

Trans told me that you have a blood pressure problem of some sort.

I would recommend doing sets of 1 or 2. Do a rep or two, walk around for ten seconds, repeat. I say this because the squat is your BEST excercise. If you can perform the squat, then it should be at the center of your weightlifting regimen. The testosterone peak after performing a squat is greater than that of any other excercise.

And about the kettle thing, to me I think that would help distribute the resistance of the weight more effectively across the muscle group experiencing the resistance, which this is what a cable system at your local gym achieves. But, it would be free weights, which will be more effective, for obvious reasons. So all in all it sounds good.

I would'nt down it.
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