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Originally Posted by low-tech
you can roll the bar off your chest to your stomach,sit up,transfer it to the middle of the bench,take a breather,transfer it to the stand<balance it on the bench and turn around it then lift it obviously>. unless you're pushing up 300 pounds or something benching without a spotter is ok in my book, its a pain in the ass<when you fuck up and gotta roll it down> but it wont kill you, i do this time to time coz the bench i use is my roomates who can lift alot more than i can and i wont realize im benching like 140-150, then im dough rolling my entire body with it

Hah, my friend almost killed himself trying to do that. He was benching at like 2 in the morning, so no one could spot him, he went for a 10th rep, couldnt do it. He tried rolling it down to his stomach and putting it down and it flung up and just missed his head, hah.

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