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You guys drinking the Gatorade, good for you! I do, too. Save yourself some money and go get the little canister of the powder and a small funnel. Or mix it by the pitcher. It's so much cheaper and then you'll have more $$ for cd's and stuff.
My old boss is about my age, 46, and due to the meds she's on for her heart she has potassium trouble and has to drink a gallon of gatorade a day to replenish it. She's fainted from lack of potassium before. She was glad I told her about the powdered stuff.
Where I live the cheapest place to get it is Walmart and I like the blue frost the best. It's all good though. Mix some up in a water bottle and throw it in the freezer for awhile and it makes a great slushy. If you use a pull up top though leave it upright and open otherwise they freeze shut. I usually use a Propel bottle with a twist top.

EDIT: One canister makes 2 gallons. I just looked.
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