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ive been visiting my parents so i havent worked out in a while but what i did was

130pound on a bench couple reps of 5<i nearly got strangled by the bar a couple months ago>
70pound curls couple reps of 10 then do it the other way to work triceps<excellent for druming>
bmx bike ride about 5 miles thru providence,many hills too, took about an hour and a half, funnest part, did this about 4-5 times a week
at random punch and kick a bag, excellent cardio workout, never thrust kick a bag, roundhouse kicks, muay thai style. i hit the bag in my place till it fell, i gotta screw that thing back into the beam.
if i can afford it i wanna train MMA in a real academy, havent sparred in a long time, that shit costs alot and im more into music than training that shit tho, so i may never do it

edit: i listen to slayer or metallica usually, i need a cd player for the rides tho
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