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Originally Posted by fatdanny
I lifted about 8 pints last night, I do that a couple of times a week.

my kind of exercise!!

A friend of mine is a body-builder, I'm planning on joining him during his workout two times a week because I've been going to the local gym and it bores the shit outta me. I get the fatigue (sp?) too after going on for a bit too long. I don't drink and eat enough before going, which is a problem. I don't like to eat before working out, my stomach just doesn't like it.

I gained about 15kg's last year since I started doing some working out, which was pretty weird. but I do feel a whole lot healthier and I have way better stamina then a year ago. In the weekends I push 100/150 kg wheeled containers into trucks, it really helped getting my upper arms into shape too. (54 containers in one truck, haha, about ten trucks a day) My lower arms are still shit though! I need to work on my lower arms because they're a pain in the ass. my arms allways hurt after working 10 hours straight.

I used to cycle 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. but now I just don't have the time for that anymore.. so I need to work out to keep some shape, haha.
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