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The Metaltabs Fitness Thread

alright, since i know a lot of us here go to a gym, lets make a thread where we can discuss what we listen to at the gym, why we go to the gym, goals, status, etc.

i started going to the gym after i had spine surgery and have been going for a year now, but i recently stepped it up at the gym. i do 48 minutes of an exercise bike (500 calories, 11 miles) 5 days a week and then on mon/wed/fri i lift weights. since there isnt much to the cardio i usually dont need any kind of music or inspiration, i just hop on and go. however, i have a special playlist that i lift weights to. ill post it later

also, as a part of fitness in general, ive started to eat very healthily. the only thing i eat that i probaly shouldnt is too many carbs, but i try to keep that under control and they turn into energy anyways

what kind of exercise does everyone else do? do you prefer free weights or machines? also, ive noticed towards the end of my daily bikeride my vision starts to get kind of odd, almost blurry or unfocused. is this normal?
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