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Originally Posted by foxguitar
Fast is great ,But whatever happened to taste , Thats why IMHO I rather listen to old foggeys like Frank Marino , or leslie west (I know who )
I was into the shrapnel thing in the 80s , one of my friends who is a monster player studied with greg howe , but alot of really fast guys forgot how to play tasty and with feel , even Zakk who I love hes my idol is starting to do his solos fast as a fuck without feel.
theres a time and place for everything , Heres something you young uns will find funny Alvin lee of ten years after was at one time considered the fastest guitarist in rock, I know of you dudes never heard of him but do your self a favor check him out , But as fast as he was he could flat out make the guitar cry.

there are still players which didnt get caught by the " as fast as you can go no matter what it costs" hype. very good to know
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