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The Framus and Engl are kick ass but very expensive.

pretty reasonable these days actually. what with marshall's overnight price jump and all. you can now buy a new engl richie blackmore head for cheaper than a new tsl 100.
framus is in the 2k mark right now. provided you buy from rock solid amps. music123 or whatever is trying to get them for like $2,300-2,400 but last i new derek was pimping them out at $1950 for a cobra and 1850 for a dragon.

i just don't get marshall's thinking. you can now buy the mode four for like $1,500 instead of the $1,200 they used to go for... same amp, no updates, revisions or any of that. just new price tag.

mesa has always been pretty expensive... at least peavey is keeping it real with the 6505's at about a grand.
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