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Originally Posted by Six_Feet_Under_420
Nile can get a pretty kick ass tone out of those jcm 2000. It's boosted guess. I never played that marshall but I really liked too. For what i've heard the marshall jcm 2000 is awesome when boosted.

I have a triple XXX a Koch Powertone II and the DSL 100 , the DSL blows away the TSL and gets very heavy ,its a simple amp to dial in , The Koch is a better amp its Dutch made it kicks ass , but its expensive it has great gain great clean , the XXX is a great metal amp shitty cleans .
My main amp is the DSl its easy to dial in as brewtal as you want and great clean , How it is compared to a Framus or a engl I never demoed either ones, the JSX is a very good amp but again I think IMHO the DSL is one Id use.I play all sorts of guitars with it , mostly gibson pauls , but ESPs and a few Deans , they all sound great ,
Its each to their own
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