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Originally Posted by Dissection
Always try an amp with your guitar. Just makes fucking sense, don't it?

And yes, I agree. The ENGL would probably be on top of my list too, but its over expensive. I'd personally look at a Crate BLue Voodoo 120/150 before I'd consider another Marshall. Although, I can say that my AVT has about the cleanest clean I've ever heard. Sad thing is, its still an AVT and requires to be EQed. Ok, ok, the point of that is the fact that I don't have a great track record with Marshall at the moment. I keep meaning to check out the JSX, even though its about $800 past my limit.

If your dad has a say in it (i.e. money) it might be good to say you are gonna go with the marshall, and then cop out with some well thought out excuse. Such as the tone. I don't know. I'm on 5 hours of sleep. Damn not being able to sleep sucks.

Man you are one angry Dude , How many cats dont check out amps with their guitars it would amaze ya,
And a AVT compared to a DSL , uh well there is no comparison, the AVT sucks.
the JSX goes about $1200 , if thats past your budget ,you better work overtime at your janitors job at the local choke and puke.
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