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I have a marshall DSL and a Triple XXX
Ive demoed both the TSL and the JSX
In my humble opinion The DSL is better tone wise than the TSl ,I think the gain and overall tone is better on the DSl , I think the JSX is better than a XXX , more versatile better cleans,
If I had the choice Id pick the Marshall , because despite what alot of peeps in this forum say Marshall is still the standard , I found with alot of these hi- gain amps you can be lousy and the hi gain amps will hide your lousiness with a Marshall its unforgiving , you better be a good player , if you are it will sound like heaven , all your efx will sound like mint. Now mind you Im a bit older while I play heavy rock heavy blues ,michael schenker UFO , SAxon , Priest ETC , Im not a death metal dude , The JSX is a great amp in its own right , but IMHO The marshall is the way to go , but not the TSL , I dont like the second channel and I think it takes away from the tone whereas the DSL is 2 channel and sounds better. Try em both see what you think
good luck I should say I have the DSL 100 .
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