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I'm not too crazy about the shape, either, but the finish is pretty cool. If it was my guitar, I'd prpbably just paint the fucker black, but the natural finish suits it just fine.
Like I said, not too crazy about the shape, but at least it's unique, and you can be pretty sure you won't get sued by Jackson.
I never really thought about building my own axe, but you got me thinking about it now. Although, I don't have the time to hang out with a luthier and work on it myself, I'd probably just pay a pro. It's very cool that you did that, though; you can buy any guitar you wont, but it's never gonna mean as much to you as that one will. I'm very happy for you, man, enjoy it and fucking cherish it. Also, I think that since you put all that time and effort into it, the least you can do is get a decent pickup for it. I know you said the one on it sounds good, but chances are a Seymour Duncan will sound a lot better. Maybe on the pickup you can put a small piece of duct tape where it says Seymour Duncan and write you name on it in white out. 100% custom, and 100% hardcore.
Good luck with your axe, and I hope it serves you a long time.
BTW, I envy you for your hair, you little fucker. I wanted to grow mine out as well, but by the time it got halfway down my ears, I got frustrated with it and cut it all off. My hair is very curly and stubborn, and the prospect of buying expensive hair care products like a dman woman just wasn't very appealing to me. Plus I work in the food industry, and having hair down to my ass probably wouldn't be the best career move I've ever made.
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