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i went to a store. They have one marshall of 80 watts. The guy from the store explain to me that the amp. was actually a "Park" despite having the logo "marshall" written on it. The reverb wasn't working. The price was around 500 Euro.

There was a roland there around 300 Euro with a lot of effects and the sound quality sounded really good.

What happens is that i don't want to go for an amp. just becauseof the cool effects because i can get those after with a pedal.
I was looking for a a good amp. with a lot of quality and then buying a pedal. Didn't know about his "park"stuff. What do you know about this?

Anyway, the guy from the store told me that the valve amps was what made marshall so big. I don't even know if valve is the thing for me.

Help me! I'm confused!
Hail Death!
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