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I saw it a couple of weeks ago. For the bands that I went for, it was great. Terror put on a pretty great show (I was in the front of the pit, so I was not in the feuding "metal kids vs. hardcore kids" area). Did my first crowd surf there, which was really fun and interesting. Madball were pretty good. Of course though, Gwar kicked extreme ass, and sprayed a bunch of stuff on us. Now for the bad parts. Norma Jean is possibly the worst band I have ever heard, or somewhat seen in my entire life. They use about two chords : open drop C# power chord (palm muted), and a dischord. I do not how people find this exciting. They were almost beaten in horrible factor (I am going to get flamed for this) by SYL, who got up there in worst bands I have heard or seen. All I could hear is lame drop C riffs and Devin bitching about something stupid. Poison the Well just sucked, badly. We left during them though.
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