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Originally Posted by BURYyourDEAD
All we have at our mall is a fucking Hot Topic, on the occasion they have a cool shirt but...I did steal a Suffocation shirt for Bill the other week from there.

Yes, they know about it. Soulinsane was giving me shit about it, saying it was really me who stole it or something.

I'm debating between these four shirts, because I'm not sure how much the cheap bitch who I call "mom" is going to dish out for shirts (mind you, I've bought 4 new shirts in 2 years. I'M OVERDUE to say the least.)

Death - Symbolic longsleeve
Death - Individual Thought Patters
Paulson - Army
Bear Vs. Shark - Chickens.

I'm definately buying the two Death. I'll buy the other two myself if I have to.
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