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"The Day My Scrotum Flew Away"

"The Day My Scrotum Flew Away"
Jacob Fitzlaff

Today was a sad day, yes indeed.
Today my scrotum decided to leave.
Today was miserable to say the least,
It was today that my scrotum sprouted wings and feet.

My day was ruined, to put it frankly.
Ther goes my plans for some hanky-panky.
Make no mistake, I was taken with grief.
I really didn't want my scrotum to leave.

Through my house, my scrotum did fly.
In fact, it almost hit my mom in her eye.
I chased it around for nearly an hour.
I chased it to the top of the grim northern tower.

But I got terribly hot running that midsummer.
So I cracked open a window, like the crack on a plumber.
My scrotum didn't heisitate to take the chance.
It took to the sky! Testicular romance!

And so it was to my dismay.
My scortum up and flew away.
Although it may seem comical to some.
Just remember, that isn't the sun.
Worker bees can leave,
Even drones can fly away.
The queen is their slave.
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