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We're all arrogant sometimes.

Originally Posted by Kalmahswamp
The Greeks didn't develop the modes. They even came before the Greek Empire.

Can you say when then; and who--the first known human civilization on the face of the earth? Yeah right....they didn't last very long anyways--and it most likely takes a type of kingdom to have official music, so if at all possible the first noted music might have been like 2000 B.C. during the first Sumerian dynasty. I really doubt that, since that time just about only metal was known enough to hurt other humans for conquering. I tell you what, if I was alive at that time, I'd rather have a sword in my hand that an instrument. Greece was probably the first 'real empire' to ever think of official music cause they lasted the longest time. .....

In addition to that, ......
(You're probably the first one to have info from a website--however trusting--yet you've got the meaning behind it stupified, not that it's a very bad thing...Wow, I never thought I'd be able to use that word.)

...That text you copied from the site [I think] means that our modern day "modes" were conceived from Roman/Euopean music. Yes, that article says it was derived from the greeks inot Roman literature, but it was only translated, it's not presicely taken from, (just like when languages are translated into English--they sound like a child wrote the sentence when in the original language it's actually quite significant wording) so there are always misleading information.

The greeks may have done the first modes (and I'm not saying this is fact but it's of course one way of thinking the history), but after translating them into Roman lit, and not anymore--technically our North American music is coming precisely from Roman thought, not greek.

Some good irrelevent information: Greeks were more democratic, as you can see in their statues, they're men/women are always standing straight up or something very mellow dramatic. On the other hand, all Roman statues tend to be flambouyant with......let's say the man holding the globe in his hands, or a guy reaching his arm toward the heavens whose face is perfect to the thousandth of an inch. For this itself, the Romans may have been more music-loving. But I guess that probably doesn't have anything to do with anything.....

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