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What a broad topic to talk about in one thread...

Anyway, on the origin of modes; If you look at the names of the modes it gives you hints at where they came from. Can you guess what group of people were the first to use the Ionian mode? If you said "hmmm...The Ionians?" You are absolutely correct. As the Ionians traveled around playing their instruments, other civilizations would pick up the jist of things and add their own little "flavor" to their scales. The most integral modal group was probably the Lydians though (hmmm, perhaps what the Lydian Mode is named after?). The Lydians were the first group of people on earth to use coined currency, an enormous advancement. So their trade was booming (thanks also to a special snail dye production by the Phoenicians). The Lydians traveled far and wide spreading their Lydian and Mixolydian modes (and also modes they'd learned from earlier people). This led other groups to explore instruments and create "flavors" of their own. (btw this was all happening even before Roman times).
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