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I like B.C. Rich guitars. Well at least the older model NJ Warlock I got. Anyway for bass...err if you are thinking of doing Alex Webster type stuff on a B.C. Rich...forget it. However if you are just doing simple bass playing or playing with a pick then B.C. Rich is OK. They are alot better than Jackson basses. IMO. B.C. Rich basses are always good to fuck around tune a four string down to like B or A (where it does'nt matter if you sound good or not LOL) or something you can really just thrash around with on stage.

My girlfriend has a Warlock bass and I I will probably pick up this Ironbird bass I saw in a little shop by my school.

I suggest adding EMGs. It really depends on what you are looking for. Like are you playing insane technical stuff or are you playing like with distortion on the bass and simple riffs?
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