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Originally Posted by Silent Night 6 6 still got ownd bitch....

If you could even spell ownEd, I'd take your opinion seriously. And I can hardly see how someone who couldn't understand what I meant in the first place could own me.

And I was sticking up for Bob, you dumb pieces of shit. I swear to god, half of you couldn't read to save your life. I suggested he get lessons so that other people who aren't as tolerant won't be on him constantly. Fuckasses.

Originally Posted by Rapture
Yeh, he's in the closet, but the doors are wide open.

Oh, thats funny. Did you see that on Queer Eye? Or VH1?

edit: lets end this right now. Rapture, you are sort of on the edge for being banned right out at the moment. No need for one more reason. And I guess I can't exactly say I'm clean on this on either. Lets just stfu and agree that this is an unnecessary cover, probably done to get a name for themselves.
Originally Posted by Nihilist
The one time I go to check this thread, it mentions me getting fucked by a dude.

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