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Originally Posted by Overmind
That picking harder or softer actually expresses and accentuates notes better than guitar, and that the fatter notes give it a more expressive character that's more enjoyable when playing alone. I also have the impression that bass is more versatile, since fingerpicking an electric bass is as valid a technique as using a pick (and vica versa), and that bass can be used in more styles of music.

you are somewhat correct in that, the strength in which you pick does change the sound of the bass, but from experience I've found that picking really hard gives it a kind of pull/slap sound, which doesn't fit in very well in BM (what I play) unless you play it really really fast and with high tones almost maxed out.

but of course, everyone has a different opinion.. this is just my own from experience, I'm sure others can give you better orientation than me
.... I play bass o_O
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