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Thinking about bass

I find that when I'm playing DM or BM on guitar, I like to pick the strings harder to express more aggression, to the point where they've been plucked and start to rattle. It doesn't sound good, especially when the strings start to go out of tune. And it doesn't really add much aggression to the sound of the guitar. With guitar it feels like I have to be calm and not get into the music as much or it will sound like crap, that a robotic technique is more important than expression and that the amp adds all the aggression needed. Like I have to pick gently to play properly, so the pick slides over the strings nicely without accentuating any note. I can't really enjoy playing DM or BM music because of this, as I naturally like to convert the aggressive nature of parts of the songs into my picking technique, which doesn't translate into a more aggressive sound. I find that guitar just doesn't cut it, unless I'm playing something more melodic in the high end with string bends and vibrato etc, or if I'm playing acoustic arpeggio's (both are a different aesthetic altogether).

When I think about bass, I have the impression that it's more expressive. That picking harder or softer actually expresses and accentuates notes better than guitar, and that the fatter notes give it a more expressive character that's more enjoyable when playing alone. I also have the impression that bass is more versatile, since fingerpicking an electric bass is as valid a technique as using a pick (and vica versa), and that bass can be used in more styles of music.

Is this correct? The only experience I have with bass, is the bass emulator on my gnx3, which is a piece of crap.
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