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I cant really remember what I put in that thread so Ill just give a basic rundown here on how to tell what key sig it is in.

the order of the sharps when writing out the key sig goes
so if your key sig is D you will have 2 sharps so they would be F,C
if your key was B you would have 5 sharps and they would be F,C,G,D,A,
the order of them is important for when your writing them out and trying to figuer them out.if you know the key sig your in then you figuer out the sharps this way: say you were in the key of B to find out what sharps you would have, go down a half step(A#) so now you know that you have all the sharps up to A in that order. if you have the key sig though and dont know what key it is then you would go to the last sharp (in the case of B) it would be A# then you raise it up a half step (to B) and thats the key your in

if your key has flats in them then the order of them goes
BEADGCF (backwards from the sharps)

so if your in Bb then you have B,E for flats
if your in Gb you have B,E,A,D,G,C for flats

if you know the key your in and want to figuer it out then you can take the order of flats (beadgcf) and go to the key your in, then go up one more and those are the flats you have. so if your in the key of Ab, you find a (beAdgcf) and go up one more to d - so you have bead for flats in the key of A.
if you have the key sig but dontknow what key it is, then you go to the second to the last flat in the signiture and thats the key you are in

its a little much to take in at first but its really easy trust me
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